Upcoming Sessions & Events

February Session in Mexico

February 18 – 25, 2018, Mexico City


Caring & Clowning

One-week session to explore performance and clowning as a strategy for caring, with daily clowning in hospitals, shelters, mental-health institutions, streets. In the afternoons we’ll build our clown skills with performance workshops, and build our social change skills with design workshops.

2018 February Session Mexico

Summer Session in West Virginia

June 3 – 23, 2018 Hillsboro, WV


Desire & Design, Caring & Clowning

A 3-week session to formulate and envision our desires for social change, along with workshops in daily playful performance to put our desires into practice. We'll draw on insights from the arts, systems theory, clowning, and the local environment while living in community on the land of the Gesundheit Institute.

2018 Summer Session West Virginia

Social Medicine Symposium

April 19 – 22, 2018, Urbana IL

Spring Social Medicine Symposium


A four-day symposium on social medicine geared toward students and mid-career professionals who seek training in global health delivery concepts and skills. Social medicine offers an alternative perspective through which to consider wellness, in contrast to concepts of chemical imbalance, genetics, and individual pathology.

2018 Spring Social Medicine Symposium