-a feature length film written and directed by Susan Parenti
-performed by members & friends of the School for Designing a Society
-filmed by Bogdan Heretoiu
-featuring a cameo by the real Patch Adams

A problem in film about a problem in language, this tragi-comedy in 13 scenes shows people needing health care roaming the streets of a Midwest town–venturing into local stores and public institutions. Since they can’t get health care in any of the right places—well, they’re looking for it in the wrong ones! What happens is “odd”, “familiar”, “QUIRKY!”, “tragic”, “comic”, “spot ON!”,”out of left field”, “Yipes–over the top!”, understated.

In thirteen metaphorical scenes about the realities of a failing human right, we see what happens not only when two languages collide – when the language of banking, public libraries, beauty parlors, high school, and religion encounter the language of the desire for care and for health care – but also how things have become, since the language of health care has been hijacked and appropriated by corporatized commerce — voila: commercial patients patient commercials.

You may order your copy of the DVD with the PayPal link below. This special edition pressing also features an exclusive interview of writer/filmmaker Susan Parenti and Patch Adams MD, discussing the past, present and future of health care systems in the US an around the world.

The DVD is $15 + $5 shipping & handling within US, $12 shipping & handling internationally
Limited Edition Autographed DVDs are currently sold out. 

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